Cultivate Your
Soul Brand

Cultivate Your Soul Brand

Join our intuitive branding workshop for creative women in business. We’ll help you clarify your vision, create a soulful strategy, align your brand message, and craft a visual story that connects with your kindred clients.


A Soul Brand is a business that is authentically aligned with your inspired vision, mission, and most importantly - your intuition. We believe that a brand built upon your core values and crafted through your inner knowing best supports the growth and expansion of your business. Utilizing your innate gifts enables you to fully show up for your clients best serving their dreams.

Cultivate Your Soul Brand lays the foundation for a business that flourishes, encouraging you to take aligned action. It's about creating a space for you to be seen and supported, to tap into your intuition, and to find clarity so that you can shine.

The morning will be spent tuning into a place of grounded wisdom. Tiffany Renee, Urban Medicine Woman, herbalist, and light worker will lead us in a welcoming incantation to set the energetic tone for the day. Jenn will dive into what it means to run a soulful intuitive business, and we'll discover some practices for getting inner guidance.

We'll end the morning session by hearing from Taylor Elyse Morrison of Jubilant, a brand experience consultancy. She'll walk us through framing your brand's purpose, and we'll spend time honing our mission, our vision, and our core values.

The afternoon will continue this soulful mission by identifying your kindred clients, honing in on your unique gifts, and discovering the voice and aesthetic of your authentic brand identity. We’ll talk about discovering inspired color palettes, curating a soulful mood board, and identifying your Brand Style. Together we’ll create a Visual Strategy that prepares you for a personal branding photo shoot or sets you up to create or source your own stock images that market your brand beautifully and powerfully.

We’ll wrap up with afternoon tea and a tea leaf reading with Romy of Kith + Kin Tea to solidify your intuitive nudges, and a mini soul brand portrait with Jenn to share your light with the world. By the end of the day, you'll have a tangible foundation to help your dream clients fall in love with your Soul Brand.

What is Your Soul Brand?

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Is your brand in tune with your soul's calling?

Is how you are showing up in the world in alignment with your core values?

Are you craving a visual aesthetic that tells a compelling, authentic story?

We are surrounded by so much noise that it's easy to get caught up in the constant shouting for attention. We're constantly bombarded with strategies to be more productive, to get more engagement, to win more clients.

We work tirelessly to build our dream career often burning the candle at both ends. We pour so much energy into our online presence, but we wonder if it comes across authentically and really resonates with our dream clients.


What if we didn't need to get LOUDER but instead go WITHIN OURSELVES to connect with our own wise intuition? What if we didn't have to DO more or BE more, but instead to really SEE ourselves and show up authentically in our own power? What if we got so clear on our mission and our superpowers and then crafted our brand message and visual collateral to be in alignment with our souls?

At Cultivate Your Soul Brand, we’ll foster an environment in which you can CONNECT 
deeply with your INTUITION so the voice within becomes the clearest in the room.

•Get CLEAR on your vision, mission and values.

•Hone in on your innate gifts and your kindred clients. 

•Feel the power and expansion that comes with aligned action + strategy. 

•Establish your brand message to be in ALIGNMENT with your Soul. 

•Discover your Brand Style + create an INSPIRED Design Brief.

•Participate in a GUIDED social media audit + craft a Visual Strategy for your imagery.

•CONNECT with an intimate group of creative and intuitive women in business.

•Get EMPOWERED and listen to your Heart through a personal tea leaf reading.

•Learn to really SEE yourself and show up authentically in a new head shot.

•GROW your business in alignment with the grounded wisdom.

We invite you to spend a day with us to Cultivate Your Soul Brand.



In addition to the incredible clarity you’ll gain about your business,
your ticket gives you admission to:
• A full day of Education + Collaboration in an
intimate setting with other women in business
• Snacks throughout the day, including treats from Real Good Juice Co.,
Sugar Fan Club, Katherine Anne Confections, Petal, Health-Ade Kombucha 
• Bottomless Coffee, Tea, and Water
• A Fully Catered Lunch by FIG
• Your own Personalized Tea Leaf Reading with Kith + Kin
• Catered Evening Tea + Cocktails
• A Soul Brand Portrait (Authentic Lifestyle Head Shot)
•More Fun Surprises From Our Amazing Sponsors

All this magic is happening at Jenn's timber loft studio in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. We'll spend the day learning around a community table with breaks in the styled lounge area. Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with the exact address.


West Town
Chicago, IL

We are so excited to have the Fig Catering team providing a locally sourced gourmet lunch for us. We are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions upon advance notice, so be sure to give us a heads up when you register.


Fig Catering
Molly Schemper

The studio is located 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. If you are coming from outside the Chicago area, we recommend booking an AirBnB in the West Loop, Loop, or West Town neighborhoods or looking into the following hotels:
Kimpton Grey
Ace Hotel
Publishing House Bed & Breakfast


Fly into ORD or MDW
Stay in West Town,
West Loop, or The Loop

The Experience

We have so many exciting things planned for you at the the workshop!

We have so many exciting things planned for you at this intimate full day workshop! Here is a highlight of some of what we have in store.




During tea service, everyone will have the opportunity to collaborate with Jenn for a soul brand portrait - an authentic, lifestyle head shot taken onsite.

Romy, of Kith and Kin Tea, will lead us through a tea leaf reading around 5pm uncovering the messages we’re meant to receive. Afterward we'll relax over tea, snacks, and cocktails.

After lunch, Jenn and Taylor will help us apply our visions to our overall brand aesthetics and help us create a visual strategy for soulful marketing.

Jenn will lead us in some exercises for tuning into our soul's call and Taylor will guide us in foundational brand strategy.

We'll start the day with a grounding meditation and intention with Tiffany Renee to gain alignment and open up space for creativity and inspiration to flow.




9:30am DOORS OPEN / Register, Mingle, Sip Tea + Metric Coffee + Real Good Juice Co.



11:00am BREAK / Refresh + Grab Snacks

11:15am MISSION, VISION, VALUES [Taylor]

12:30pm LUNCH / FIG Catering with Drinks by Petal


2:30pm BREAK / Refresh + Grab Snacks / Sugar Fan Club + Katherine Anne


3:45pm BREAK / Refresh + Grab Snacks 





Here is a tentative schedule for our workshop. Specific details are subject to change.


Who We Are

I'm Jenn, the creator behind Jennifer Kathryn Photography. I help creatives bring to life a story that aligns with the Soul of your brand, so you can authentically connect with your kindred clients through purposeful imagery and content creation. I work with you to discover your superpowers and brand values and together we co-create a visual strategy and beautiful images that authentically reflect your personality and the heart of your business.


I'm Taylor, owner and founder of Jubilant and Emancipation. Jubilant, is the place where I help mission-driven brands connect with their purpose, create visual brand platforms, and brand-aligned processes. Through Emancipation, I give women the freedom and the space to define their own success by curating self-care experiences.  

I went from being a leadership development program participant at a Fortune 100 to the first full-time employee at a health and wellness startup. Now, I spend my days building brands through my brand experience consultancy. I've worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Kickstarter successes to sole proprietors. I help businesses infuse their mission, vision, and values into every process so that brand interactions are efficient and effective for all involved.


Brand Photographer, Connector, Dreamer, Travel Addict, Coffee Fiend, Spiritual Growth Junkie, Uncontrollable Giggler, Empath, INFP

Writer, Brand Builder, Self Care Advocate, Voracious Learner of Things, Podcast Addict, Pasta Enthusiast, Enneagram 3 

I'm Romy, founder of Kith + Kin Tea. For me, tea events are a matter of heritage; I am a third generation tea entrepreneur, and have a unique history with tea. My grandmother Elena is credited with bringing the tradition of afternoon tea to her home country of Bolivia. While growing up, I helped my grandmother at the salon and fell in love with the joy and connection that tea brings and with the business of making people happy through food, beverage and community. I am fueled by this legacy, my love and admiration for my grandmother and passion for tea, and I bring my 12+ years in fine dining and Hospitality to the table when planning events.


Tea Sommelier, Curator of experiences, Lover of Ritual, Hostess of Unpretentious Tastings & Workshops, Tea Consultant & Educator

I'm Tiffany Renee, your Urban Medicine Woman. I am a clinical herbalist, ordained lightworker, and writer focused on helping you heal in mind, body, and spirit. I combine East Asian Herbalism, Western Herbalism, Medicinal Food Therapy, and Energywork to address Women’s Health, the Postpartum Mother, Autoimmune Diseases, and Anxiety and Stress. I combine my graduate education and research of TCM meridian/organ theories, chakras, and physiology to evolve the medicine woman archetype into a modern-day practice.  


Herbalist, Light Worker, Healer, Birth Worker, Belly Dancer, Writer, 
Urban Medicine Woman


"I loved working with Jenn for my personal branding session and was so impressed with her process. Her thorough questionnaire helped me hone in on my brand aesthetic and messaging. She provided direction on what to bring for the shoot, helped me find a location, and took amazing photos the day of that really capture my content goals. The main thing I told Jenn I wanted to portray was approachability, and after uploading the photos to my site, I got a call from a potential client telling me she reached out to me because I looked the most approachable!"

Kind Words

"[We] could not stop saying how impressed we were with your amazing work!Thank you for taking what we see our business as and returning it to us with clarity, beauty… just everything we have hoped for in a brand.

Heather Love
CEO, Heather Allison Love Photography

“I’m so grateful I had [Jubilant] to jump start my business!”

Sarah Rosner
Founder, Live Well Enhance You

"I'm in absolute tears. These images from my personal branding session with Jenn gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed. From the minute I contacted Jenn, I felt completely comfortable. She had a detailed questionnaire that got to the heart of my core values and went out of the way to find and style a location that captured the essence of my brand. I honestly don't think I would have had the courage to launch without her brilliant work backing me up!

I also had some fantastic takeaways from Jenn's visual strategy class. For the past year, my Instagram following has been stuck, and I mean stuck. With her advice, in less than a week, I gained 40 new followers and counting, Not only that, but the comments are much richer and the people who find me are really interested in the work I'm doing. I really took the consistency factor to heart. Having her break down the image styles helped me immensely, and I was able to articulate and create my own personal aesthetic. The checklist you gave us was HUGE. Jenn helped me think about my strengths as a creator and the story I wanted to tell."




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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

kind words



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